Thursday, January 2, 2014

Station Pro 2 - RF Switching Test

I conducted RF switching test early this morning to show that the RF paths for all transceiver - amplifier combinations are all showing continuity and acceptable SWR into a known 50 ohm resistive load.

The setup is as shown above.  the SP2  is on the left.  The RF Box is in the middle and an Array Solutions antenna analyzer (AA-200) and  a VOM were alternately fed into the transceiver SO239s.  The amplifier inputs and outputs were jumpered.

All continuity checks through all combinations show less than 0.2 ohm resistance.
All SWR tests for all combinations show less than 1.08 SWR.  The SWR calibration run direct into the analyzer is less than 1.03

The SP2 is fully functional in terms of RF switching.

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