Monday, January 27, 2014

#225 DXCC and Number 123 QRP DXCC Amsterdam and St Paul Islands FT5ZM

After a couple of days of mostly listening to mayhem - thanks to a great op and a greatly thinned herd of callers.  I even heard Tom N0TR call the DX.  My transmitter power for the initial contact was only 200 watts.  A half an hour later when the pileup started to vanish at around 0434Z I decided to call again at QRP power with the KX3 only and the KPA500 on standby.  It took a few tries on his end but he finally copied me and gave me a 579 report.

Update: Jan 29  The DXPedition just uploaded their logs to Clublog.  Tom N0TR, Matt WM4AA and I are all in there on 20m.  K4SV has them on 9 bands CW and 3 bands on phone.

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