Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Forays Into JT65

I finally got the JT65HF Software to work with the KX3.  Here is a snapshot of the interface as shown below:

My most distant contact is right now South Africa at 8000 miles.  However, it took 20 watts of transmit power to do it. At that I was pretty low into the noise floor at -16dB.  My guess is the DX is transmitting with the same power as I was as he was at -17 dB.  It is pretty slow going as each QSO takes about 5 minutes.  With 3 watts of transmit power when I call CQ, i get mostly the US except for the one time a YV station called me back.  However, I could not do any further exchanges with that station.  I will try it on the Hexbeam pointed to Europe to see how I do with 3 watts of transmit power.

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